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A) CFD Flow and Energy

  1. Essentials of Fluid Mechanics for CFD Engineers

  2. CFD Basics for Beginner

  3. Basics of OpenFOAM : Open source CFD Solver

  4. Turbulent Flow: Physics and Methods of Investigations

  5. Turbulent Heat Transfer and Its CFD Modeling

  6. Common Mistakes in CFD Modelling: How to overcome them?
  7. CFD Modelling of Boundary Layer

  8. CFD of Laminar Flow Through Pipe

  9. CFD Modeling of Flow Over a Cylinder

B) Experiment and Measurement of  Fluid Flow and Heat

  1. Flow Visualization Techniques in Experiment and CFD
  2. Basics of Flow Measurement Technique

C) Combustion and Emissions

  1. Combustion Basics
  2. Basics of Emissions and Its Control
  3. CFD Modeling of Turbulent Combustion
  4. Turbulent Multiphase Combustion
  5. CFD Modeling of Natural Gas Burner
  6. CFD Modeling of Combustion in Cement Kiln
  7. CFD Modeling of Pollutants: NOx SOx and Soot
  8. CFD Modelings of Oil Fired Burner
  9. Modern Combustion Technologies in Automobiles
  10. Working Principle of Thermal Oxidizers and its Applications
  11. Ammonia -NOx Mixing Methods at Inlet to SCR
  12. Selective Catalytic Reduction for NOX

D) Multiphase Flow

  1. Basics of Multi-phase Flow and its CFD Modeling

  2. Slurry Flows and Its CFD Modeling

E) Turbo-machinery and Drones

  1. CFD Modelling of Turbo-machiner

  2. Working Principle and Components of Drone

  3. Classification and Application of Drones

F) Industrial Applications

  1. Interesting Applications of Turbulent Jets
  2. Rocket Engine Combustion
  3. CFD Modeling of IC Engines
  4. Flow Through Valves – Industrial Applications (Part-I)
  5. CFD Modeling of Flow Through Valves (Part-II)
  6. Understanding Sewage Flow Treatment (Part-I)

  7. Working Principle and Components of Drone

  8. Data Centre Cooling and its CFD Modeling 

G) Flow Physics and CFD Modeling of COVID-19 Transmission 

  1. Effect of Mask on Flow Physics of COVID-19 Transmission 

  2. CFD Analysis of COVID-19 Transmission by Person-to-Person Spreading

  3. CFD Analysis and Effect of COVID -19 Transmission on Human Lungs

  4. Role of Ventilation to Save COVID-19 Patients

  5. What are preventive measures of Corona Virus Transmission

H) Battery Thermal Management and CFD Modeling

  1. Battery Cooling Techniques in Electric Vehicle

  2. CFD Modeling of Battery with Transport Equations


  1. Important Questioners for CFD Job Interviews

  2. Scope of CFD Modeling: Career and Job Opportunities