Boiler Operation Engineers Training

Training  for Boiler Operation Engineers (BOE) Examination in India

1) Eligibility Criteria  for BOE Exams

Qualification: Degree or Diploma in

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering

Engineers need to know

2) BOE Trainer 

Mr. Dinesh L. Jadhav, B.E. – Mech.(COEP, Pune ), BOE, BEE Certified Energy Auditor

  • He is a Qualified Graduate Mechanical Engineer, with Post Graduation in Machine Design
  • More than 40 years of proven multifarious practical Experience:
    • Energy Auditor in 2006
    • Experience: Services in boiler and power generation
    • troubleshooting in Boilers, Power Generation, and power plant maintenance
    • Energy  Audit   for Thermal & Electrical

3) Features of BOE Course

  • Online webinar  by Industry Experts with what’s app call or phone 
  • Time to time guidelines will be given
  • Candidates feedback are taken for correction and restructuring of course content
  • The practice of numerical questions based on past exams and more exercises
  • For paper 3, guidance will be provided as per the practice of candidates
  • An individual capacity, training will be provided
  • Overall all or complete syllabus will be covered in the course
  • Via-via guidance for BOE

4) Suggested Books

Job Opportunities for BOE Certified Engineer

5) Contact for BOE Training 

Students and industry professionals can reach us for more online or offline BOE  training :


What’s app contact:+91- 7774018223

6) Course Feedback for Industrialists

1) Mr. Babasaheb D. Kadam

K.S.K.S.S.K.Ltd Gautamnagar,  Kopargaon, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra (India)

B.P.E. Certificate No: 493, Dated January 1994

abasaheb D. Kadam_BOE

I would like to express my gratitude towards you for being extremely helpful during the initial days of my 2nd Class Boiler Proficiency Examination in 1994. This was due to your efforts and hard work for me, which resulted in me passing the examination with a Satisfactory Score. The book which you published during those days guided me in many more ways. I hope that many more aspirants would also be lucky enough to be guided & taught by you. It is always grateful for what you have done.


2) Mr. Nilesh Baghal, M-Tech Project Manager 

It is my pleasure to introduce my carrier Builder Mr. Dinesh Jadhav sir  (Former GM, Universal Starch chemical  Allied Ltd.,  Monachal ) as coach, trainer & mentor for BOE, BEE & carrier consultation in power, project & process Industries. They have vast experience in handling projects related to process Industries from concept to commissioning.

I have worked under Jadhav sir at Universal Starch for the New green Field project of Shivangon Food & pharma. He has a great ability to handle multi-core projects with 1000+ Subordinates working under him. His leadership qualities are such that, he develops his subordinate to handle responsibility independently. He shares his work experience & knowledge with people to grow higher & higher. Under his guidance, many engineers at universal starch have passed BOE & many taking guidance for the future. by shaping my carrier, he has insisted me to take admission for M-tech in project management at COEP, Pune.

Mr. Jadhav sir has a very strong portfolio of technical persons & many persons, fallows him. I am also one person who follows his footprints. I wish him a very successful life in this social work of cochin new students of BOE, BEE & carrier consultation. He is contributing toward a strong nation-build.


3)  Mr.Jitendra B.  Patil, Executive Utility (VVF India Ltd.)

      I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Dinesh Jadhav sir, for your Guideline in my whole carrier you are my first  Professional guide. I have worked under him as a graduate engineers trainee (GET) in 2014. Initially, I had no clear idea about myself and my carrier. Because I am a very common and the average student in my educational life passed BE (mechanical) with Second class.

This is only possible due to his efforts and guideline. I have passed the BOE exam in 2017 held by the Maharashtra board with a good score on the first attempt. Your words are always given new lessons to me they always act like master keys in my professional life.

I have no more words to express my feeling. I am very lucky enough guided & taught by you

Will be always grateful for your blessed to me.

Thank you…!!

4) Mr. Nilesh Paul, Shift Engineer

It’s my gratitude to introduce my carrier Builder Mr. D L Jadhav sir ( BOE BEE Certified Energy Auditor) as BoE coach and carrier consultant. Sir has huge experience in Power and process industry from concept to commissioning he has a vast knowledge of the field.
I had contacted him just 40 days before my BOE exam and with his valuable guidance, I cleared Central Boiler Board BOE examination in the first attempt with 78% marks. Not a single question in the exam is beyond our preparation sir guided me just for 30 as a crash course and the result was amazing. In that short time interval, sir covered all my syllabus with proper planning. currently, he is guiding me online for the BEE Energy Auditor exam.
Mr. Jadhav sir has a very strong portfolio as a technical person as well as a management person. I learn team building and how to handle responsibilities independently. Under his guidance, many engineers like me cleared BOE and BEE examinations.
Thank you sir for guiding me and showing me the right path.


5) Mr. W. R. Aher


Council member of DSTA Nasik -422013. (MH),

Member of MH-BOE, board,

Technical Consultant for Sugar Mills, Power, Chemical, etc.

C:\Users\W.R.AHER\Desktop\coat small.jpg


It gives me immense pleasure to introduce my nearest and dearest colleague Shri. D.L. Jadhav,  as excellent trainer and guide for B.O.E.AND BEE ENERGY AUDITOR. This is because of his long and outstanding experience in the boiler and cogen industry. His depth of knowledge and explaining power are admirable and touching to the heart.

He has passed B.E.MECHANICAL in 1978 from COEP PUNE. Thereafter he passed the first-class boiler proficiency from the Maharashtra boiler examination board and also the Energy auditor exam from BEE. He was the paper mill Manager at Kopargaon and Pravaranagar. He had achieved the highest production capacity, energy saving, water saving, and cost-effectiveness in those mills. Highest efficient boiler operation in the starch mill at Dondaicha, Dhule.

He is well conversant with boiler efficiency calculation, material selection, and efficient boiler accessories. He is well conversant with workforce planning and training to them. He is a member of the Maharashtra Boiler examination board for years together. He has many technical followers in the industry. I am one of them. I wish him every success in this social work of coaching to students of B.O.E.AND BEE ENERGY AUDITOR.