CFD Support for student

Most of studnets have lack of CFD sofwares skills and experience in CFD Modeling. Any mistake in preprocessing, simulation and post-processing can give Wrong CFD results. CFD users must know what are common mistakes in CFD Modeling.  Small mistakes can waste huge time in simulation and difficulty in getting correct results.

CFD Flow Engineering (CFE) provide CFD Modeling support for all type CFD projects for Undergraduate and post-graduate students an affordable rate. Industrial projects can be reviewed for quality checking in academia.

How can we help students?

CFD Training of Specialized Topics

  • Without proper subject knowledge, CFD modeling  would be difficult
  • Training for special topics like multiphase flow, combustion and turbo-machinery will be provided
  • Video lectures and tutorial will be provided to students or industry professionals

Problem statement for complex flow modeling

  • Turbulent Flow  Modeling : RANS/LES/DNS
  • Heat Transfer (Conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer)

Geometry making or selection of computational domain

  • Selection of domain is important as per problem statement
  • wrong domain can take more time or may face numerical convergence criterion
  • Selection of CFD domain is different for RANS, LES and DNS

Checking of Mesh Models

  • Meshing guidelines for as per problem statements for RANS, LES
  • Meshing criteria is different for  RANS, LES and DNS
  • Multiphase flow need a different mesh than a single-phase flow

CFD Solver setting in FLUENT or OpenFOAM

  • CFD solver setting is the most critical part to get correct results
  • As per the physics of the problem statement, we have to select correct physical models with correct input data
  • Convergence criteria are different for each physics

Post-processing of CFD results

  • Correct post-processing of CFD results are important as per experiments
  • Comparison of CFD results with experimental results

Issues in Validation of CFD results

Registration for Online CFD support 

Registration of students for support

  • The student has to email to “ ” for the registration form or contact form
  • The CFD support will be commenced after paying the initial fee and submitting the registration forms
  • Confidential and sensitive information of students will be protected by the CFE

Fees for students

  • Total fee for Indians
    • Initial fee: INR 800 for  1 hr CFD support or guidelines
    • Complete Projects: INR 3500 -5000 will be charged  depending on the quantum of work
  • Total fee for overseas:
    • Initial fee : US$ 15  for  1 hr CFD support or guidelines
    • Complete Projects: USD 50- 100  will be charged depending on the quantum of work