Welcome to CFD Flow Engineering (CFE).  Fluid flows have a lot of applications in our daily life and nature. All living animals and plants deal with air, water, and gases in the atmosphere. This website provides online materials in the areas of fluid flows, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), CFD modeling, and their application. We are focused to fill a lacuna between academia and industries for some specialized and challenging topics. In academia, students get good theoretical and basic knowledge but lack in physical understanding of subjects,  skills, and industrial applications. However, industry professionals have a practical understanding of their products and services, and industrial kills but lack advanced topics and recent trends in technology. Many industries conduct webinars to train their employees. Due to limited course work, they cannot get sufficient time to learn new methods and advanced subject knowledge.

To bridge basic concepts of flow engineering and its applications, we have created an online learning platform with relevant articles. Basic concepts and their applications are systematically presented. The content is updated as per the feedback of engineering students, subject experts, and industry professionals.  We have received positive comments or feedback about this website from hundreds of students, experts, and industry professionals.

The content on this website has been trusted by many top universities in engineering and sciences, researchers and scientists, industry professionals. CFD Flow Engineering is the brainchild of Dr. Sharad N. Pachpute to provide quality content and training.  He has greatly contributed for quality contents for CFE sites.  It was established during corona lockdown in 2020.  Thousands of engineers have been benefited from this online learning portal. We also provide CFD online training at an affordable rate. 

Role of Fluid Flows and CFD Modeling

Fluid Flows have a variety of applications in our real life, nature, and industries.  For flow analysis, techniques derived from theory, experiments, and CFD modeling have been used to solve problems. The theory of fluid flows is useful for solving simple problems. Experiments can not be carried in all problems of complex flows. Hence, CFD modeling has been used widely in mechanical, aerospace, and process industries to design systems whenever complex fluid flow is involved due to the presence of heat transfer, with and without reaction or phase interaction. CFD is an interdisciplinary subject. Thus, understanding complex flows, CFD modeling,  applications, and computational resources are essential.


Unique Features of CFD Flow Engineering


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