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CFD Online Training for Students

Three batchas have been completed successfully

1) Free demo class, tutorial and first two classes:

First Demo Lecture and tutorial will be on  21st  August 2021, Saturday  (Time: 4 pm -6 pm, IST Mumbai )

Salient Features

  • All lectures tutorials are uniquely designed as per recent industry demands. A CFD guidance will be provide their graduate project
  • Useful for B.Tech/M.Tech/PhD projects related to CFD Analysis
  • Student discount up to 33% for final year students
  • 80% discount for those submit quality assignment ( around 1200 words and 10 figures )
  • A certificate ( soft copy or hardcopy)  will be provided by mail and post

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Sr. No. Module Features Cost
1 Basic CFD Course
  • Scope of CFD modelling  for each topic
  • 10 CFD Tutorials
  • Question and Answer for 10 topics
  • Training materials
  • Rs. 3000 for Indians
  • USD 50 for overseas
2 Advanced CFD Course
  • 12 Lectures
  • 10 CFD Tutorials
  • 10 Assignments
  • Question and Answers for 10 topics
  • Training materials
  • UDFs in FLUENT
  • OpenFOAM Training
  • 1 Year Job Assistant
  • Rs. 5000 for Indian Professional
  • USD 100 for overseas Professionals
  • Students/Intern: Rs 3500 / USD 70 


List of CFD Tutorials

  1.  Flow Through Pipes/Ducts
  2. Flow over an obstacle
  3. Heat Transfer : Conduction, Convection and Radiation
  4. Species Transport
  5.  Multiphase Flow: multifluid modelling
  6.  Multiphase Flow:  CFD Modelling of particle laden flow
  7. Multiphase Flow:  CFD Modelling of two  immiscible fluid
  8. Turbomachinery -moving zone
  9.  Gas Combustion: premixed and non-premixed flames in burner s
  10. Multiphase flow combustion
  11. Heat Transfer from Battery


 List of Lectures

  1. Overview and Application of CFD Modeling
  2. Basics of Fluid Flow
  3. Basics of  CFD Modelling
  4. Turbulent Flow Modelling
  5. Heat Transfer and its CFD modelling
  6. Species Transport
  7. Turbo-machinery
  8. Multiphase and Its CFD modelling- Part 1
  9. Multiphase and Its CFD modelling- Part 2
  10. Basics of Combustion
  11. Modelling of  Combustion and Pollution controls
  12. User defined functions and post-processing techniques in ANSYS FLUENT
  13. Heat and Cooling of battery and Electric Vehicles

How can you Register

Be Aware of Spam or Fake email reaching to you. To avoid it the direct online forms are strictly avoided !

Hence, We will provide the registration form by email only. Fill it and ensure your registration before starting .


You have any query, kindly reach us by email only or  contact form available on this website. Make sure your email address is correct and you have received the authentic receipt of course booking.


Last date of Registration: 30th August, 2021

Commencement of Online Classes: 28th  August , 2021

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Important Notes:

  • For each topic, there will a separate class for theory and CFD tutorials in every week
  • The time of classes will be announced after  the first demo lecture after the discussion with candidate
  • Video lectures for both theory lectures and tutorials will be provided to registered participants.
  • Separate class will be held for training or interview guidance for registered participants





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