Internship for graduate students for CFD projects

CFD Flow Engineering provide online Internship for B.Tech/M.Tech Students. We will provide CFD training and guidance to small practical problems. We will provide a certificate of completion.

Notes for Internship:

  • Literature and guidance will be provided to CFD projects
  •  The topic and a project framework will be shared after meeting
  • Student has to keep one weekly meeting for project discussion
  • A progress report either presentation or word file need to be submitted in every 15 days
  • Student has to notify one week before leaving or end of their internship
  • A certificate of internship will be provided after submission of the final presentation or report of project.

List of Topics of Internships for CFD Modellin

  1. Flow optimization for ducts in AC and Power Plant
  2. Aerodynamics of vehicles: Shape optimization for Car, Truck etc.
  3. Heat Transfer from Heat Exchanger, Furnaces, Boiler etc
  4. Pollution Modelling and its Controls: NOx /SOx Modelling of power plant
  5. Multiphase Flow: multi-fluid modelling of bubble column, Slurry flows, CFD Modelling of Cement cyclone
  6. Multiphase Flow:  CFD Modelling of two immiscible fluids (Flushing tank)
  7. Design of Low NOx industrial burners in thermal Power Plant
  8. Coal Combustion in Boiler Power Plant
  9. Combustion Technologies (BS-VI or Euro -VI) in the vehicles
  10. Modelling of Turbo-machinery -moving zone: Pumps, Fan, Blower, Water Turbine
  11. Battery Cooling Techniques with AI for Electric Vehicle

8 thoughts on “Internship for graduate students for CFD projects”

  1. I am interested and keen to work on CFD problems especially in the automobile transportation and space sector. I am a final year engineering undergraduate student from one of the top national institutes of India. I am willing to be a part of such projects. Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. Hi sir, i want some guidance as well as internship in cfd field start my career as cfd engineerg. So can please provide me proper guidance and information on this.

  3. Hello sur , I really want to lwork on your Cfd projects as an intern. Please help me with further process

  4. I am interested and keen to work on CFD problems, especially on Battery Cooling Techniques with AI for Electric Vehicle,


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