Students Guide for all kind of CFD Project

CFD Flow Engineering provide completes Guide for CFD Project for following work

  • Selection of CFD Models
  • Meshing, Simulation and results analysis for any problem using ANSYS FLUENT and OpenFOAM
  •  Key areas: Heat Transfer, Combustion,  Turbulence Modelling (RANS, LES, Hybrid)  Multiphase flow ( Euler-Euler, DPM, VOF/CLSVOF), Turbo-machinery, Combustion technology and Pollution controls ( NOx, SOX) modelling, Porous Media, Battery cooling
  •  Customization of CFD solvers like FLUENT  and OpenFOAM
  • Guidance for  thesis or research paper writing

CFD Flow Engineering also provide completes Guide for Practical Problems in the areas of  all fluid flows, heat transfer, development of flow technology

3 thoughts on “Students Guide for all kind of CFD Project”

  1. I want guidance in my MTech project on supersonic coherent jet through convergent divergent nozzle. Coherent technology involves methane and oxygen insertion in ports placed in concentric manner around main nozzle . main stream from nozzle is surrounded by methane and shroud oxygen combustion mixture. I have achieved supersonic flow in nozzle at Mach no 2, but able to apply coherency (species transport ) conditions.
    my main aim is to compare both shrouded and non shrouded jet (conventional ) and find there performance (potential core length of jet).
    second aim is to analyze effects of ng ports diameter change on performance

  2. I want guidance in my project on studying chemical reaction in an oven furnace which burns capacitors, as part of capacitor manufacturing process. The inlet produce N2 only and the capacitor contains copper as its conductive metals. I also would like to know how the NOx emission might be from the furnace


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