Students Guide for all kind of CFD Project

CFD Flow Engineering provide completes Guide for CFD Project for following work

  • Selection of CFD Models
  • Meshing, Simulation and results analysis for any problem using ANSYS FLUENT and OpenFOAM
  •  Key areas: Heat Transfer, Combustion,  Turbulence Modelling (RANS, LES, Hybrid)  Multiphase flow ( Euler-Euler, DPM, VOF/CLSVOF), Turbo-machinery, Combustion technology and Pollution controls ( NOx, SOX) modelling, Porous Media, Battery cooling
  •  Customization of CFD solvers like FLUENT  and OpenFOAM
  • Guidance for  thesis or research paper writing

CFD Flow Engineering also provide completes Guide for Practical Problems in the areas of  all fluid flows, heat transfer, development of flow technology

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