CFD Guide


Students Guide for popular  CFD Solver 

( Free CFD Software)

1) CFD Solvers without Automatic Meshing

1.2  Commercial CFD Solvers 

  • There are CFD solvers  which are  widely used in both academia and industries
  • Students can use up to maximum 500,000 cells for CFD simulations using ANSYS FLUENT
  • They provide a free version for students
  • Refer the user guide for CFD modeling
  • Check your system hardware before installing CFD analysis software
  • Students can Tecplot for post-processing of CFD results. Tecplot has good control over stream lines and vector.

  Application and Modules:

  • Geometry Tools: ANSYS Space claim, ANSYS Work Bench
  • Meshing platform: ANSYS Mesher, ICEM CFD, FLUENT Mesher
  • CFD Solver: FLUENT, CFX
  • Post-processing: CFD-Post, ANSYS EnSight

1.2  Open source  CFD Solvers 

  • OpenFOAM  is  a  popular open source CFD software for both academia and industries

  Application and Modules:

2) CFD Solvers with Automatic Meshing

  • Star CCM+ and CONVERGE  are also used as a popular CFD  solver in many  automotive industries
  • They do not require a separate meshing platform. It directly generate dynamic grid adaptive mesh based on gradients of flow variables.
  • Siemens provide free access for universities  students and faculty to Simcentre  STAR-CCM+ 
  • Students can download Star CCM+ by clicking here: University: Star CCM+
  • COMSOL  has the Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) in their solver
  • Students or faculty can contact to get a trial version
  • Students can download tutorials of CONVERGE