CFD Guide


Students Guide for popular  CFD Solver 

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1) CFD Solvers without Automatic Meshing

1.2  Commercial CFD Solvers 

  • There are CFD solvers  which are  widely used in both academia and industries
  • Students can use up to maximum 500,000 cells for CFD simulations using ANSYS FLUENT
  • They provide a free version for students
  • Refer the user guide for CFD modeling
  • Check your system hardware before installing CFD analysis software
  • Students can Tecplot for post-processing of CFD results. Tecplot has good control over stream lines and vector.

  Application and Modules:

  • Geometry Tools: ANSYS Space claim, ANSYS Work Bench
  • Meshing platform: ANSYS Mesher, ICEM CFD, FLUENT Mesher
  • CFD Solver: FLUENT, CFX
  • Post-processing: CFD-Post, ANSYS EnSight

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New Update in ANSYS FLUENT 2022 R1

  1. MPI is integrated with GPU enabled for parallel computing: Example the speed of 4 GPU is same more than 100 CPUs
  2. Boundary conditions can be given by selecting surfaces in the model rather than GUI from selection panels
  3. Add or remove options for cells in ANSYS FLUENT Meshing
  4. Dedicated Aerospace Module for external aerodynamic simulations
  5. Runtime Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) for the entire domain
  6. Sponge layer for acoustic damping
  7. Sound composition
  8. Two new Efficient Mesh Adaption methods in FLUENT: 1) Hessian error based, 2) Anisotropic adaption
  9. Advanced Electronic Cooling Module in FLUENT for printed circuit boards (PCBs)

ANSYS User Guide  

1.2  Open source  CFD Solvers 

  • OpenFOAM  is  a  popular open-source CFD software for both academia and industries

  Application and Modules:

 User Guide of Open Foam


2) CFD Solvers with Automatic Meshing

  • Star CCM+ and CONVERGE  are also used as a popular CFD  solver in many  automotive industries
  • They do not require a separate meshing platform. It directly generate dynamic grid adaptive mesh based on gradients of flow variables.
  • Siemens provides free access for universities  students and faculty to Simcentre  STAR-CCM+ 
  • Students can download Star CCM+ by clicking here: University: Star CCM+
  • COMSOL  has the Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) in their solver
  • Students or faculty can contact to get a trial version
  • Students can download tutorials of CONVERGE 

Watch YouTube Video for ANSYS

1) Geometry in Space Claim and  CFD Flow Engineering

Geometry and Meshing in ANSYS ICEM CFD


2) Click on the link  to get CFD learning videos of ANSYS FLUENT