Online Quiz on Heat Transfer Modelling

Heat transfer is a part of thermal or mechanical engineering that

concerns the generation, use, conversion, and exchange of thermal energy

between physical objects


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heat Transfer modelling

Online Quiz on Heat Transfer

Fundamental questions on Heat Transfer and its numerical modeling are given in this quiz

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Which of the following methods is not used to discretize the Radiative Transport Equation for combustion

Thermal radiation in biomass combustion

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The radiative Heat transport equation is numerically solved for

Radiative Transport Equation

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Radiation heat transfer is determined by which law

radiative heat transfer law

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The relation between momentum and thermal boundary layer  is defined by which of the following parameter

Thermal and momentum boundary layers

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For turbulent heat transfer over a heated plate, the turbulent diffusivity is determined using

Reynolds number for Flat plate Boundary layer

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Heat transfer coefficient in CFD simulation is calculated using

Thermal Boundary layer

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what is the unit of heat transfer coefficient?

convective Heat transfer formula

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For constant air properties, the forced convective heat transfer rate depends on

Forced convection heat transfer

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Convective heat transfer is calculated by which of the reference temperature

convective Heat transfer formula

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Thermal conductivity for anisotropic is defined as

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Which of the following Laws is based on convective heat transfer between a surface and adjacent fluid

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For the homogenous material, the rate of heat transfer normal to the plane wall is given by which of the following equation?

conduction heat Transfer types

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The unit heat transfer is given as

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which of the following law the heat transfer takes place?

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Which of the following is a method of heat transfer?

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In natural convection, the source term due to buoyancy  in the energy equation is calculated by

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which of the following terms is added to compute turbulent convective transfer in RANS equations

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Which of the following radiation models accounts for the effect of flue gas composition on heat transfer

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In natural convection, the coefficient of expansion of fluid (β) for an ideal gas is calculated as

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To compute the convective heat transfer from the heating surface which numerical scheme is used

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To compute the view factor for radiative heat transfer, which radiation model is used in CFD solver

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