Online Quiz on Basic of Combustion and its CFD Modeling

Basic Questions on the fundamental of combustion and its modeling is presented below:

what is combustion and its main components? Numerical modeling of combustion is also added to the quiz.

Quiz Questions on CFD Modelling of Combustion

Online Quiz on numerical modeling of combustion is given below

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The coal combustion, the two-reaction devolatilization model is used

coal combustion processes
coal combustion processes

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In the single first-order reaction (SFOR) devolatilization model, the kinetic rate

kv = Av exp (-Tv/Tp) is determined by

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The Arrehunis reaction model is used

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The coal combustion, the single reaction devolatilization model is used

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A turbulent flame brush is an ensemble of discrete, steady laminar flames which is called as

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Turbulent non-premixed flames are modeled  using the mean mixture fraction which is defined as the ratio

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Diffusion Flame Models are used only for simulations of 

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Which phenomena is not accounted for in non-premixed combustion modeling

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Non -premixed Combustion Models is used for 

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Which is Turbulent flame Speed for Premixed Flames 

Venturi-Burner-premixed combustion

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The premixed combustion is modeled with additional equations apart from mass, momentum, and energy

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Turbulent Premixed Combustion Models are applicable for 

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Which of the following is an example of Premixed Flames

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Which fuel has the highest flammability limits

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In boilers and furnaces, which combustion model is suitable to the term of Model Turbulent Chemistry Interaction (TCI) 

Thermal radiation in biomass combustion
Thermal radiation in biomass combustion

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In combustion, Slow rate reaction is modeled based on which assumption:

Basic of solid fuel combustion mechanism
Basic solid fuel combustion mechanism

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The rate of reaction progress depends on which following variables:

Hydrocarbon combustion reaction

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The total enthalpy of combustion of liquid is defined as the sum of 


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Which of the following statements is true for liquid combustion

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The equivalent ratio is defined as the ratio of the following :


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Combustion is defined by which following reaction

Combustion mixing reaction
Combustion mixing reaction

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Combustible substance (fuel) is defined as below

Hydrocarbon combustion reaction

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What are the Essential Conditions for Combustion to occur in 

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Which is of the following is the first step of solid fuel combustion like coal and wood

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