Turbulent Flow Modeling Quiz

  • The turbulence model uses a mathematical model to predict the effects of turbulence on fluid flows.
  • Additional stress due to turbulent diffusion is modeled using eddy viscosity and mean stress tensor
  •  Example Turbulent flows are found in most real-life scenarios
    • Flow over a vehicle or train
    • The flow of blood through the cardiovascular system
    • Airflow over an aircraft wing
    • Re-entry of a space vehicle


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Important Questions on Turbulent Flows Modelling

This quiz will check your basic understanding of turbulent flows.

Questions on turbulent models (RANS and LES)  and DNS are also added  in the quiz.

Try to attempt all the questions.

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To capture anisotropic Turbulent stress near the curved surface, which of following turbulent model is more suitable

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To capture turbulent flow correctly over a circular cylinder with less computational effort, which of following turbulent model is used in RANS family

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For two equation k - ω turbulent flow,  ω represents  the following:

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In two equation turbulent flow (k-ε), the ε represents

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For two equations  (k-ε )turbulent modelling which equations are solved

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In the turbulent flow, the shear stress is increased due to

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In the turbulent boundary layer of internal pipe flow, the thickness of laminar sublayer is given as  δ

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For flow over a flat plate, the boundary layer thickness (δ) for turbulent flow at a distance x with Reynolds number Rex is  directly proportional to

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In the turbulent flow, the shear stress is increased due to

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The critical Reynolds number for a particular geometry and fluid properties is essential because it determine

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The critical Reynolds number defined based on the pipe diameter (D) for flow through a circular pipe for turbulent flow

Reynolds number for flow through a circular pipe


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For flow over a flat surface, the flow is said to be fully developed turbulent flow when Reynolds number defined on inlet velocity (U) and length from leading edge (L)


Reynolds number for Flat plate Boundary layer

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In large eddy simulation, which scales are resolved

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In LES simulation, which of the following governing equations are solved

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In LES simulations, subgrid scales models (SGC) are used to find


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In Direct Numerical simulation, the cost of the simulation depends on

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In a direct numerical simulation (DNS) which governing equations are solved

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